What is State Minimum Pricing and How Does it Benefit YOU?

We hear from customers all the time that the pricing structure of wine can be really confusing, especially since the laws vary from state to state. We have often shared with our customers that we price our retail wine bottles at State minimum but quickly realized that the terminology is not too clear - so the savings to the customer isn't clear. So we thought this would be a good way to demystify the meaning of State Minimum retail and what it means at our shop.

In Ohio, there is a standard mark up on wine. A retailer must charge this price (meaning, they must charge the "state minimum retail price", however they are also allowed to charge more. That choice is individual to each establishment. 

We have fielded questions as to why we price our wines at this State Minimum retail price instead of marking them up - and our answer is that our customers are savvy when it comes to shopping. They shop at multiple stores, they support both big box retailers and small business and we feel that we must remain competitive with these larger shopping channels by pricing our wines the same. There is a lot of mystique around the idea that just because you are a smaller retailer or "boutique" type of shop that your merchandise will be higher in price and that is  just not true! The bonus of shopping a smaller retailer that prices their wines at State Minimum is that you are getting wines at the best value but you are also getting a more curated selection and a knowledgable staff that is there to make recommendations!

We want to be able to pass on to our customers the best possible value and  to give them one more reason to make a stop at our shop! Hope to see you at the shop soon and we look forward to helping you pick out the perfect bottle.


Tatjana Brown

owner/wine buyer