Meet the Team Week on IG - Meet the Owner

Hi! I'm Tatjana. I own Meza Wine Shop (along with my husband Jason) and I am the wine buyer. We have been in business in Uptown Westerville for almost 8 years and in that time we have also grown our family. Our kids are now 7 and 3! It hasn't always been the easiest road but it has been super rewarding. The team that has been built at Meza and the community that the business has brought to us is amazing. These people are part of our "village" and they help make it all possible!


How Do You Balance Running a Business and Having a Family?


It takes some creative scheduling! I work in the shop on certain week days at the moment. Jason works longer hours so week nights for me are devoted to working from home, and household stuff (dinners, homework, baths....and before you know it its 9pm!). The weekends are when we have time to really devote to store projects and we lean on help of family to get certain things accomplished there. 


What Do You Love Most About Running A Small Business?


I am fascinated by the ins and outs of retail in general. I am passionate about marketing and I love the direct impact you can have on your business when there are not a million different tiers involved like there are in a corporate setting. That being said it is hard to carve out time for certain things when you are wearing so many hats. Making time to focus on big picture planning has been huge for me this year! Its vital to moving the business forward. I love taking something like a wine list or a Facebook campaign and tweaking it and seeing how we can increase performance. 


What Shops Do You Follow on IG for Ideas and Inspiration?


I love following other wine shops, restaurants and makers on social media. It's an amazing recourse for ideas!! I follow dandywineshop in NYC - I love their innovative store space and cool, wine geeky posts! I also like to follow makers like mulberrypressco for inspiration on how to promote your business online and how to build interest among followers and local shops needleandgrain for inspiration on posts and pics.