Gifting the Experience: Meza Monthly Wine Club

We are in the swing of the holiday season and so many of us are scrambling to find that perfect, unique gift. We feel like this year its more about the experience rather than "stuff". Don't we all feel like we have enough stuff sitting around? I love getting gifts that get me out exploring - be it a new restaurant or  trying out a new activity. 

We want to apply this to the world of wine by giving customers a chance to explore wine selections from around the world. Whether you are just getting interested in wine or love wine but don't feel comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone, our Meza Monthly Wine Club is the perfect way to indulge and enjoy new wines with a guided approach so you aren't just aiming blindly. This makes a great gift and something that they can experience for several months or all year long - and the best thing is they can share that experience, and the wines with others. 

We offer 3 tiers of membership - Discovery ($30/month), Enthusiast ($60/month) and Bubbly ($50/month). You can sign up the recipient for a 4, 6 or 12 month membership and those that live in Westerville can even have it delivered to their doorstep!

Call or stop in to inquire and give them an experience they can enjoy and share with others!