Springtime Wines on Our Minds - Terry Theise Portfolio Show

A few of the Meza staff members and I recently attended the Terry Theise German/Austrian Portfolio Show at Spagio in Grandview and while it was a few weeks ago,  the wines have been lingering on my mind ever since. Maybe it has something to do with the seemingly forever long winter here in Ohio, but the wines featured at the show completely screamed spring to us! An array of Rieslings, both sweet and dry, Gruner Veltliners, Muskateller and sparkling wines were presented from some of the top producers in Germany and Austria. Literally the perfect spring time tasting because these wines showcased clean, crisp fruit, bright, mouthwatering acidity and in some cases a lifting effervescence that really cleansed the palate.

I have been placing some pre orders on Rose wines as well as some of our favorite wines from the show, and we are excited to see these wines start trickling in to the shops starting sometime in March through the end of May. While I love bold, hearty red wines, this time of year always leaves me wishing for whatever is fresh and fragrant and crisp. Guess it makes me feel like spring is really on the horizon.

Hope whatever you are doing this Sunday involves a beautiful glass of wine…