Meza Summer Staff Picks

A lot of times we get nervous to go out on a limb and fork over cash for a bottle of wine we haven't tasted. That's where a great recommendation from someone who has the inside scoop comes in handy! Since we all have different palates, I love to get recommendations from the staff on bottles they love and what they are currently drinking and loving. Here are some of our summer staff picks for the months of August. Try one tonight - everyone on the Meza staff is pretty well versed in wine so I would say you are in good hands. - Tatjana

April's Pick - Entresuelos Tempranillo $15

Love this tempranillo for a great weeknight red! Smooth and easy drinking with a little smoky note on the nose.

Bruce's Pick - The Scrapper Cabernet Franc $34

Spicy and juicy Cab Franc, big and robust. Pair with ribs or a steak.

Jane's Pick - Chateau Coutet Saint-Emilion Grand Cru $42

Bold, smooth - going to be a new fall favorite

Kristina's Pick - Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc $18

Rich, grassy and tropical - showcases a nice citrus and mineral notes and a little hint of fresh jalapeno!

Emily's Pick - Mon Coeur Cotes du Rhone $25

Great, medium bodied summer red. Organic!

Yvonne's Pick - Marietta Cellars Arme Red Blend $25

Full bodied and beautiful flavor at this amazing price.

Buyer's Pick

Sleigh of Hand cellars "The Magician" Riesling $20

LOVE this Riesling! So balanced and beautiful, notes of peach and citrus. Great mineralility and acidity. Pair this with something delicious off the Thai Grill menu in Uptown - maybe with the spicy Pad Thai.

Cataldi Madonna Giulia Pecorino $21

I am still in major white mode - not quite ready to jump into fall yet! This beautiful Italian white is perfect for the transition in seasons. A little fuller bodied, with hints of grapefruit and tropical fruit and a roundness on the palate.

Value Pick of the Month

Campos de Luz Old Vine Garnacha $9

This is such a great warm weather red! Uncomplicated, juicy and fruit forward.