On Comfort Zones & Community

We had an awesome tasting meeting this week with the staff at Meza! We blind tasted 7 wines and it really pushed us to get out of our comfort zones and to think about the wines in a more objective manner. Its hard not knowing all the info and not knowing the "right" answer sometimes but that's the beautiful thing. Its not about right or wrong but about experiencing and letting go and allowing your senses to explore something new! We poured some gorgeous wines - all chardonnay and pinot noirs from various regions and  each brought its own unique flavor profile. 

One thing that really unifies being a business owner for me is the community that has been created at the shop. Having this great group that is open to tasting and experiencing and learning and then passing that on to customers is a great support that we are super lucky to have. 

Next time you are feeling like you just cant let go of the reins, open up a bottle of wine made from a varietal you have never heard of and let your senses go and explore. Even better do it with a friend and explore together.