The Last Thing You Should be Stressing Over is What Wine to Drink. Let Meza Help You Keep it Simple...

Thank goodness for Meza Wine Club, especially after packing for vacation! I just had to make decision after decision. What clothes do I pack? How many pairs of sandals? Healthy snacks or junk food? Do I really need 2 phone chargers???  I am on decision OVERLOAD.

Luckily I am part of the Discovery Club at Meza wine shop, so one decision is made for me today. As a wine lover I enjoy trying new wines but can get very intimated or overwhelmed by all the different wines staring back at me. Every month Meza Wine Shop picks 2 great bottles for me at a reasonable price. Decision made.

Now that I am all packed and the sun is shining, it is time to get into this month’s Discovery wine, Spotlight on Scarpetta Wines.


Scarpetta Pinot Grigio is crisp and dry. There are notes of lavender, honey, pear, flowers and minerals. I am so excited to drink this on the patio and enjoy the afternoon.

Scarpetta Barbera has hints of berries and plums. It is a medium bodied red with low tannins and bright acidity. This sounds like I will be enjoying this bottle on vacation while pairing it with pizza or pasta.


It’s time to head to the patio with my Scarpetta Pinot Grigio. The perfect ending to a decision filled day.  Thankyou Meza Wine Shop!!!!