Don't Judge A Bottle By Its Price

Written by Yvonne Rayburn

I will admit with full transparency that at times, I can be a price snob.  I will often judge a bottle by the price on the label without ever tasting it.  This isn’t something I am proud of and it is certainly not how Tatjana has trained me to be! But, it still happens. Last week I was reminded that this is not the best practice and I could be missing out on some really great wines by not trying some great, lower priced values! (Especially if they have been selected for the shelves at Meza).

So here’s how the story goes…I was sitting at the bar enjoying a glass of Mauritson Cabernet when a couple of friends that I hadn’t seen for a while stopped in.  We started talking about a wonderful wine that we had shared the last time we were all together, the Kobalt. Our conversation continued around wine and travels. Then my friend said, “Hey, I have a great bottle of wine that I would like you to try.  I just ordered a case of it and I would be happy to open a bottle to share”.  He didn’t show me the bottle or offer any price information, he just asked me to try it.

At first sniff, I didn’t care for the nose, but he said it would “blow off” (which I must admit, it did). I sipped the wine and determined that I really liked it and in fact, would consider buying a bottle.  He asked what I would pay for it and I said $40. He smiled and told me in fact, the price was $10!  I was in absolute shock! Should I have been? Not at all. 

That is what Meza is all about actually…unique, affordable wines.  Affordable is different for everyone but I was once again reminded not to judge a wine by the price. Drink what you love and love what you drink, whatever that may be but don’t forget to try new things sometimes.

What was the mystery $10 wine you ask? Veleta Cabernet Roble from Spain.