Should I Join a Wine Club?

There’s a lot of talk these days about wine clubs.  Wineries have them, wine shops have them and you can even join online wine club services that promise to deliver “amazing wines” to your doorstep for the “low, low price of $XX per month”!  I have some expertise in wine clubs as I have been a member at a dozen or more wineries and now I am a member of the Meza Wine Shop Wine Club!

So how do you decide if joining a wine club is right for you? Ask yourself a few questions, do a little research and even ask the wine club membership manager some questions (that is, if you can get access to him/her).

Start with these questions:

Do I like to try new wines?

Would I like to have an expert wine buyer pick out wines for me?

Do I want wines from just one winery, or do I want to try all sorts of wineries options?

What do I get for my money if I do join a wine club?

Are there extra perks that come with joining the club that I can’t get otherwise?

How do I get my wines and how often do I get them?

Can I get these wines in my state if I don’t join the wine club?

What are the membership terms?  Do I have to join for a whole year and is there a penalty to cancel?


If you like trying new wines and would like to have an expert wine buyer select wines for you, consider joining a wine club at your local wine shop.  Check to see how often you get wines, if you can have them delivered and the length of time you have to commit. Also reach out to the membership manager at the wine shop and ask if there are additional perks you get for being a member.  (Note: Meza Wine Club delivers if you live in the 43081 or 43082 zip codes and has 4, 6 and 12 month membership options. Meza Wine Club also offers special perks to members such as discounts on cheese plates and special members’ only tastings! Just ask our customers!) Also ask if you can customize the club offering to fit your preferences.  In some cases, local shops may be able to accommodate your requests.

If you have a favorite winery and you can’t get their wines in your state, consider joining their wine club. The shipping can be pricey and some wineries can’t ship to all states, but it is a great option if you have a winery you just love and they can ship to you! If it is a local winery and you are thinking of joining their club, ask yourself what you are getting for the membership that makes it worth it if you can just stop by the winery and pick up the same wines you are getting in the club at any time. 

As for the online Wine Club services, you most likely won’t know who is picking out your wines and you probably can’t call up the membership manager and make special requests.   What you will get is inexpensive wines, probably mass produced, delivered to your doorstep. This might be the right fit for you and if so, consider it. But your local wine shop would always be happy to assist you and put a face and personality to the person picking out your wines!