Wine Products Every Wine Lover Should Own

I will admit it, I am a huge wine-o and there are just some wine products that I just could not go without. Once you try these products, you will know why...

Wine stain remover

I cannot express this enough, wine stain remover will save you from being yelled at by your mom because you just spilled red wine on her carpet. I have spilled wine on myself, on the comforter of my bed, on my friends white jeans, and multiple carpets and somehow wine stain remover has gotten out the toughest of stains. I carry a wine stain remover pen wherever I go and I make sure to keep a spray bottle of remover in my house at all times. Most removers are not expensive and come in handy when you least expect a spill. 

Two-staged wine opener

I feel like this goes without saying, but as a general announcement, everyone who drinks wine or has a friend who enjoys the occasional glass should have a two-staged corkscrew somewhere in their household. I say two-staged because it is much easier to open a bottle than with a single stage opener.  Have you ever cracked a cork? Say goodbye to the cracked cork problem and get a two stage opener. These wine openers are also very easy to throw into your purse or back pocket. Now, you will never be caught in the unfortunate situation where you have no way of opening your wine. There is nothing worse than having a bottle of wine and no wine opener (#firstworldproblems).

Please, everyone, get a two-staged wine opener.


Red and white wine glass

As a brief overview, for those who may not know, red wine glasses have a larger bowl than white wine glasses. The larger glass allows for the red wine to properly breathe and create stronger aromas. On the contrary, a white wine does not need to breathe as much and is not as poignant, which is why a smaller, slightly skinnier glass is suitable. Clearly, both of these glasses are a necessity when it comes to the art of wine drinking so be sure to drink up in the proper wine glasses. The experience will be that much better!


- A wine preserver (or as I call them "wine saviors") 

 Before I get into why this is a necessity, there are two main types of wine preservers:

1.       A vacuum pump with a stopper

2.       Argon gas (which is what Meza uses)

I have used both and have found both to be just as effective. 

Now I can typically finish a bottle the night that I open it (you know, with "help"), but on some (rare) occasions I have opened a bottle and do not feel the need for more than one glass. In this situation it really helps to have a wine preserver. The preserver helps keep the wine flavorful for longer so that I do not have to waste any wine (which is highly frowned upon). 

As a general note, red and full-bodied white wine can only stay good for the next 3-5 days while corked. Eventually, these wines will become oxidized and the flavor of the wine will begin to diminish. If you don't want to be sad and left with only oxidized wine I suggest you take my advice, you will not regret it. 

 -A Wine Rack

If you do not have a wine rack, then I am just not quite sure where you are storing your wine. Yes, you could just store your wine on any counter, but if you are anything like me, a counter is fair game for things being knocked over and spilled because you are as clumsy as can be. Storing your wine horizontally also has its benefits for the cork. While storing your wine, it is best to keep the cork a little wet so that drying does not become a problem. A dried cork can pose problems for the taste and longevity of the wine. If you have no idea as where to place your wine rack, I would suggest in a dark cool spot, such as your basement. This ensures that the wine will last longer, because there is no chance of UV or heat damage and your red wines will be at the perfect temperature. Overall, a wine rack ensures that your wine is stored safely and properly, while making it a classy addition to your home.

Wine charms
For all the germaphobes out there, here is your chance to make sure that you never drink out of someone else’s wine glass again! Honestly, I think wine charms are just something fun that can give your wine glass some zest but they do help you keep track of which is glass is your glass. This comes in handy when you do not know which wine glass is yours and your sister, who is battling a cold of some kind but insists she is not contagious (although, she probably is). So cheers to you healthy people! Bottoms up.  



 Hannah Clark