The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

One of the best days of the year is coming up ... National Drink Wine day (February 18). Now, if you take your wine drinking as seriously as I do, you will probably treat this as a national holiday and come to Meza Wine Shop to celebrate with all your local wino's. 

If you are still unsure as to whether you want to take the time to celebrate this national holiday, which is a weird concept because of course you do, let me explain the reasons why drinking wine is better for you than other beers or spirits. 

First off, drinking wine can be a confidence booster. Wine is seen as sophisticated and refined and when you are drinking wine you can start to exude some of those traits. Instead of bringing a six pack on your next romantic date night, try a bottle (or two) of wine from Meza Wine Shop. 

Wine generally just tastes better. You can refute all you want, but with all the wine varietals out there you cannot say that all wine tastes the same and that you do not like any of them. I can confidently say (mostly because I am drinking wine right now) that you have not tried all of the thousands of wine varietals. If you have, then I am sorry and we should be friends.

Have you ever had a cheese plate with a glass of wine? If not, you are missing out on an amazing experience... an experience that you definitely cannot have with tequila (or any other spirit for that matter). Wine definitely tastes better than that pale ale or vodka soda that you are drinking, so why don't you put down the drink and pick up a glass of wine.  

Just in case you do not know what cheese to pair with your wine, let Meza Wine Shop help. Meza offers an amazing deal every Saturday night where you can get two glasses (of a value of $9 and under) and one cheese plate for $20.

See you at Meza on Saturday, February 18 for the best day out of the year and do not forget about ordering one of our many cheese plates.


Hannah Clark