Do You Know What's Really In Your Wine Glass?

For decades people have focused on dieting - carb counting - calorie counting as a way to ensure they stay trim and healthy. It really feels like lately, especially over the last two years or so, that the conversation has shifted slightly. We aren't just focused on our weight, but on our over all health and wellness. I hear lots of terminology being thrown around about toxins and additives. As a mom, I find myself soaking in article after article about what foods have what "toxins" and chemicals. I see these terms being the new focus in all aspects. All over I see and hear women like myself focusing on Organic foods, "whole" foods, and non processed foods. Women who are focused on skin care regimens that are not full of toxins. We juice, we yoga, we detox. But then, right after the IG post or Facebook pic about the amazing organic, clean meal they just consumed and the all naturally derived skin care line they are using, I see a picture of the fun Friday night, mommy's "juice" bottle of wine from Target, with a quirky fun label and who knows what inside the bottle. It really got me thinking....we spend all this time thinking about what we put into our bodies in regards to food, and what we put on our bodies in terms of sunscreen and moisturizer and makeup. Why would we not care about the wine we consume? 

We are by no means preaching that you should be in search of a "Certified Organic" or "Sulfite Free Wine " (ps that isn't really a thing anyway). But the same as with food, there are wines that are hand made - grapes that are hand harvested - and that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Some are Certified Organic - others are labeled as "Biodynamic" (sort of an Organic approach to the 10th power, utilizing phases of the moon and the idea that for what you take from the earth, you must put back). Some aren't  labeled anything. They may be so old world or old school that they don't even think of such things because thats how they have always made wine. In a natural manner. Not utilizing pesticides. Not using large machines to grasp and pull hundreds of grapes and leaves and whatever else. Some of them use native yeasts, some do not fine or filter their wines. They believe in a hands off approach and that the best wines are made in the vineyard and it is about the care they take with farming these "crops" that truly makes a good wine. 

There may be a pre conceived notion that these wines are too pricey. Some may be. Some maybe not at all. Again some of the wines you may purchase may have minimal intervention and be produced in a  very clean manner with no pesticides used in their farming practices but they may not be labeled as such. Certification in many cases costs a lot and if you are buying wine from a smaller producer, essentially a "farmer", such a certification may not be worthwhile to them. 

Which brings us to the inevitable question - how does a person know what wines are made in this manner? Not sure how to answer that if you shop elsewhere. You can always ask a wine steward or research online. We feel this is important info to pass on to our customers. So if you come by the shop over the next few weeks, you will see a green sticker on our shelf talkers for wines that are produced with minimal intervention. Some may be Organic, some Biodynamic. Some may just be super old world and made by a small family in Italy, and we will do the research for you to know that they don't use pesticides and that they utilize sheep to graze the fields and to fertilize the vines and that they have a small crew of family and friends that works to harvest the grapes by hand. So when you see the green sticker this should be an indicator to you that we have done our homework and can attest to its production. It isn't our focus to only sell wines that are made in this manner. You may love your (insert name here) California Pinot Noir and be damned if you will drink anything else and that is cool with us.  But as a consumer and and someone who cares about my personal health and well being, I feel this is an important mission of consumer eduction for us. 

So come by, look for green, and give a new wine a try. I can tell you from personal experience that there is nothing better after a major detoxing yoga sweat session than a big glass of you gotta keep it clean all the way.