How to Avoid a Complicated Relationship Between You and Wine This Valentine's Day

Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or marked as “it’s complicated” on Facebook, you definitely do not want to miss out on any of the wines Meza is offering this Valentine’s Day season.  Ranging from pink bubbles, dark and luscious reds, white wines from exotic countries, and high-end champagnes, Meza has all of your wine needs when it comes to your Valentine’s/Galentine's Day festivities.

Here are my favorite wine picks for this Valentine’s Day season …

Desiderio Jeio Rose – $13.99

It does not get any more Valentine’s Day-ie than a bubbly rose. This rose has nice, soft fruits with a smooth finish. This is the perfect wine to share or drink by yourself with some salty popcorn while curling up and watching a movie.

Baby Blue – $29.99

Having a romantic night in and looking for dark, gorgeous wine? Look no further; the Baby Blue red blend will be the perfect wine for you and your date. This wine has aromas of vanilla, with tasting notes of dark fruits and milk chocolate.

Bedrock Evangelho – $44.99

With bright flavors of coffee and light fruits, such as raspberry, and a creamy finish this wine will go perfectly with a light pasta meal. Stock up on this wine before it’s gone and you’re left wine-less with a whiney date ruining your Valentine’s Day plans.

Tora Bay Sauvignon Blanc – $13.99

If you are looking for wine that is on the lighter side and in a unique region… look no further. This Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand, has amazing aromatics with a nice balance of acidity. Try pairing this wine some nice melted Brie and crackers.

Pierre Peters Champagne – $64.99

In the words of Bruce Benedict this Champagne is “like biting into the best piece of French Bread you could imagine”. This Champagne consists of Chardonnay grapes, making the wine crisp, elegant, and the perfect way to begin your celebrations.

If you cannot seem to decide on one of my wine picks, I would highly suggest coming into Meza this Friday (February 10) for our Valentine’s Day tasting. This wine tasting will feature chocolate pairing with various reds, whites, and delicious bubbles. You definitely do not want to miss out on this amazing Meza opportunity.

See you this Friday my fellow wino’s!


Hannah Clark