Why Should I Join a Local Wine Club?

So here is the thing guys. I am a small business owner, and wine lover. But I am also a working mom of three. When I had my last baby, someone suggested that I try Shipt (the online grocery delivery service tied to Meijer and Target). I felt ridiculous utilizing a service like this; I mean surely I was still capable of going to the grocery store myself, right? However they offered a deal to try it and I took the bait, and let me tell ya. Having food and diapers delivered to my door was nothing short of a God send.

Well I have had friends home with kiddos and my first thought was, what would be the thing they would love the most ending up on their doorstep? Pretty sure the answer is always WINE!

Enter, Meza Wine Club!

There are so many benefits to joining Meza’s Monthly Wine Club (and if you don’t live in the greater Columbus area, I highly encourage you to reach out to a locally owned wine shop in your area to inquire about their wine club offerings. Here is why:

  • Choosing to join a wine club that is run by a local wine shop means you will be drinking quality fruit. Wine buyers and small business owners are passionate about what is poured into your glass! I am the wine buyer and my focus is always on finding our wine club members interesting and exciting new selections.

  • Meza Wine Club offers delivery as an option! Lots of our customers enjoy picking up their monthly wine club packs so they can use that opportunity to come in and shop or drink some wine. However, the delivery option Meza offers is great for those who are busy and won’t make it in. Literally, wine appears on your door step each month!

  • We offer tons of great perks for wine club members in house! Everything from not paying a corking fee on bottles to discounts on food. Thursdays are member nights, where all members can come by and enjoy $5 glasses of wine and half off their food tab!

There are so many great wines to try and the variety is endless! Meza delivers free of charge in Westerville, and for a small monthly fee in the Greater Columbus area. If you don’t live in the area, I highly recommend that you find a local wine shop and inquire about a wine club membership. You won’t be sorry when you are drinking amazing wine and having it expertly selected for you.

Are you sitting there thinking “Why haven’t I joined Meza wine club yet?” Check out the link below and get started today!