Wine Inspired Bridal Showers Make Throwing A Shower Stress Free

Bridal showers can be super intimidating when you are the one in charge of making it a memorable and fun occasion for everyone attending. We happen to be pretty well versed in entertaining groups of soon to be new family members and friends and making the occasion fun and easy. Our motto is that if there is wine involved, its sure to be a good time!

Meza is great as a mingling space, which is exactly what you want guests at a shower to do as they are getting to know each other. We offer private wine tastings as an option for a shower activity, or we can assist you in chosing wines to serve by the bottle to guests. You can leave the wine up to us - we pull together crowd pleasing wine offerings, everything from reds and whites to bubbles and even a mimosa bar!

Decorations may be brought in but we think simple is best- a few simple centerpieces or a pretty banner may do the trick.  The two larger tables may be used for seating but we have also had guests utilize those for gifts or for group crafts (we also host baby showers and onesie decorating is a great way to get people engaged with out having to do a traditional baby shower game).

When it comes to gifts, lots of people feel like gift giving straight from the registry is easy and the way to ensure your bride is getting everything she was hoping for. However some of us like to add a personal touch. For the couple that loves wine, adding bottles to a "wine registry" for guests to chose from is  a great way to get them started with a nice wine collection. Or we can help you chose a special bottle that would be perfect to open on an anniversary. 

With spring on the horizon, there are lots of weddings popping up on the calendar! Make the shower portion of the festivities as low stress as possible and give Meza a call. Leave the planning (and the wine) to us!  When there is good wine and everyone is at ease, your guests are sure to have a good time!


Vanguard Wines Mini Portfolio Show - Wine Club Member Featured Event

We had a great weekend at the shop, largely in part to our wine club special event on Saturday! For those that are regulars, you know we typically do tastings on Friday nights, but we wanted to offer something special with a focus on our wine club members. It was such a fun time and the line up was amazing, so it is absolutely something we will repeat!

As wine professionals we get invited to trade shows put on by our various distributors to taste the wines in their portfolios. This is a big part of how we decide what we sell at the shop!

We wanted to bring a similar experience to our customers by letting you try a bigger selection of wines in various styles and price points, from all over the world, so we brought in Matt Conner from Vanguard Distribution to pour and educate! He featured 15 wines ranging from bubbles to Barbaresco to Brown Zin! We opened this event to the public ($25/person) but were able to offer a special price to our wine club members of $15/person. They got to taste some amazing, small production, truly special wines for $1 per pour. 

It was a great time and we can't wait to host another special Saturday event again in the near future! Follow us on FB and IG to get updates on our upcoming events! Interested in joining us and starting your own wine club adventure? Call us today to sign up and get started!



Meza Gives Back: Pelotonia 2016, Wine + Fundraising

As business owners, a lot of what we do stems from passion.  We are super passionate about wine and retail - but our passion has really come to extend to community and how we can help people by using Meza as a platform. 

In recent years, we have become committed to fight the battle against cancer. We have seen countless  members of our community and our circle of family and friends affected by this horrific disease and we want it to stop! One way that Jason and I work towards this goal is by riding in Pelotonia. This is a seriously awesome, grass roots bike ride that happens in Columbus in August, and all of the money raised from this ride goes directly to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

We are lucky through Jason's employer to have our funds matched and love being part of this experience. Last year was my first year riding and I cannot say enough about how moving and powerful it was to see so many people fighting to reach one goal: END CANCER. The ride boasts over 7,000 riders, not to mention countless people who are there to assist, to provide food and first aid and support. 

There is always more we can do. Each year we host a fundraiser to support our friends the Rizek family to raise money for Pelotonia - and 100% of the proceeds from this tasting event goes directly to the cause! Its always been a great success and the support goes beyond the tasting - many of you have donated amazing prizes such as gift cards, massages, yoga classes, gift baskets and more for additional fundraising through raffle and silent auction. The donation may seem small, but the impact is big. Our event this year is on July 9th at 4pm and is open to the public! $25 dollars gets you a tasting of 5 wines or 2 full glasses of wine.

In 2015, Meza was able to donate $6,000 to cancer research. This is where our passion lies. 

What cause are you passionate about? We offer the opportunity for any organization to host a fundraiser wine tasting at the shop. If you have interest about learning more on how you can help your favorite organization and raise money in a fun and easy way, give us a call or e mail us at Interested in learning more about Pelotonia and how you can become involved? Check out the link below.

We hope to see you at the shop July 9 or at the finish line in August! Cheers! - Tatjana