A wine tasting fundraiser is fun, easy and a great way to make an impact. We have helped organizations such as Pelotonia, Susan G. Komen Foundation and Forgotten 4 Paws by hosting wine tasting fundraisers at Meza Wine Shop. 

Fundraiser Policies & Pricing

Cost of a fundraiser to each person who attends is $30 - and with that they can enjoy 2 glasses of wine! We offer several selections that they can choose from.

Meza retains a $15 base price per person to cover operating costs. The other half goes towards your fundraising cause!

Payment is taken at the register at the start of the event, and our staff will make a check out towards the cause at the end of the event.

No outside food is permitted for fundraisers.

When planning your fundraiser with Meza Wine Shop, ask us about additional ideas to help increase potential donations.

Please fill in the following request form for your event and we will contact you within 2-4 business days.

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