1.       Does the $50 or $125 rental fee apply towards my $300 minimum?

No, the fee is simply space rental. The $300 minimum is met via the food and wine consumed at the event.

2.       Am I allowed to bring in outside food for showers / large parties?

Yes you are welcome to bring in food and dessert options. Our only rules are no heating elements (crock pots, etc..) and all food must come pre prepared and ready to be put out as is. We do not offer a prep area for food.

3.       What types of beverages besides wine can I bring in for my party?

We provide carafes of water. If you would like additional beverages (lemonade, ice tea, bottled water) you may bring this in. No other alcoholic items may be brought in.

4.       How much time am I given for a shower / large party?

We allot 3 hours for showers – which includes set up and clean up. Additional time is $25/hour. The Meza team member will assist with clean up – you simply need to take care of packing up your décor and food.

5.       What if I am shy of the $300 minimum?

You can meet the minimum by purchasing wine to take home.

6.       Do I need to pre order food if I want some of the Meza Cheese Boards for my party?

Pre ordering is ideal so that we can have everything ready to go as soon as you get there! However we can always add additional food items during the party. Our new Provisions boards are beautiful and plentiful and can be a great option for special events. You can also order off of our regular in house menu - all items are available in a larger format.

7.       If my party is during Meza’s business hours, will we still have privacy?

The shop is one wide open space – however most showers are early enough on a Saturday that we are not super busy at that time. Should customers come in, we try to get them in and out quickly and keep things separate from your party.

8. Is gratuity added to my bill for my event?

Yes - 20% gratuity will be added to your bill for any parties of 20+

9. How will I select the wine served at my event? How will I finalize all the details?

We stock over 800+ bottles of wine and our inventory fluctuates. We work to expertly select bottles for your group based on the varied tastes of your guests, and keeping your budget in mind! Once an event is booked, we will set you up with our event coordinator, who will walk you through selections and help you finalize any details!