Rental Fee

The rental fee is a fee paid to hold the space for the shower or special event. This fee does not apply towards the event minimum. This fee must be paid online to confirm your date/time for your event.

The rental fee is refundable up to two weeks prior to the event.

The rental fee for an event during business hours is $50. The rental fee for a shower or event during non business hours is $125.

Time/Space Rental

We allot 3 hours total for showers/events, which includes a half hour for set up and a half hour for clean up. This means the actual event should be 2 hours in length. Meza staff will assist with any set up and clean up as well as all trash removal .

Event Details

Our event coordinator will contact you about scheduling a phone call once your event is booked to go over details and food/wine selections.

     Minimum Spend

There is a $300 minimum to be reached for showers/events. Whatever wine and food purchased for consumption during the event will be applied towards the minimum. If the minimum is not reached during the event the balance will be put on a Meza Gift Card for future purchases.

 Food Options

Food can be ordered from our in house menu options or from our Provisions options. Food orders must be placed prior to the event however additional food may be added during the event. No outside food is permitted outside of cake/cupcakes/desserts. Dessert options are also available through our preferred vendors list found here.

  Beverage Options

Wine for each event will be chosen by our wine buyer with your party needs and budget in mind. Specific requests must be communicated a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.

Additional non alcoholic beverages are permitted such as lemonade, sparkling water or bottles water. Coffee is not permitted.

Mixers for mimosa bars - Meza works with Simple Times Mixers and these can be worked into the cost of your event along with the bubbly for mimosas.

Other alcoholic beverages such as beer are not permitted.


Decorations may be brought in for your shower/event.

Permitted décor items: Balloons / Flowers / Photos / Garland

Décor Items Not Permitted: Glitter / Confetti / Additional Tables or large scale items


A 20% gratuity will be added to your bill for any parties of 20+. For parties of less than 20 people, there is opportunity to add gratuity when you settle your bill at the end of your event.