"Wine Club is always fun and informative.  We've not only experienced some fine wines, but learned about their origins and nuances.  It is always an adventure and more often than not we have purchased more to share and enjoy."

Peter and Lynn King - Westerville

"I don't know why i didn't join wine club long before now! Having hand picked wines once a month that force me out of my comfort zone and help me discover new, fun wines is amazing. And the option of a "bubbly" club has been great for my new obsession with sparklers! Thank you Tatjana for offering such a unique service to wine lovers and newbies alike."

Yvonne Rayburn - Sunbury

"My husband and I have been participating in Meza's wine club for about a year now. We love getting to try a new red and white every month, sometimes even being able to try wines we have never heard of, and then being able to order more of the wines we particularly enjoyed. What makes this wine club so special is feeling like you are part of a wine club where the bottles are hand picked personally for you. I choose to go to the store to pick up my wine rather than having it delivered to my house because I love being able to pop in the store to see what is new in the shop every month. The Meza wine club is a definite must for any wine lover!"

Caitlyn Konko - Westerville

"I've been a member of the wine club at Meza for several years now. I joined when it was first created and to this day, am still thrilled each time I receive my shipment. Each box comes with two bottles of wine, along with FABULOUS notes regarding the origin, taste & texture of each wine. And the notes are spot on! I've thoroughly enjoyed 99.99% of the wines that I've received....just shy of 100% only because I'm not a fan of Cab Franc smile emoticon I continue to be impressed with the choices that Meza provides each month. In fact, I've cancelled all of my other wine club memberships except for Meza. I just can't find a better deal for the variety of classy wines that I receive. If you're looking to join a wine club, I highly recommend Meza. For me, you can't beat the price and trust me, you will NOT be disappointed."

Michelle Kennedy - Westerville