At Meza Wine Shop, we proudly stock a collection of 800+ wine labels and continue to grow and expand our assortment. Our goal is to bring our customers a unique assortment of wines that are top quality and affordable. Whether you are looking for a great weeknight wine or a special bottle to commemorate an occasion, we have a variety of offerings that will fit your needs.

We often get asked how we choose the wines we carry. Well this is where the fun comes in! We taste every bottle of wine that sits on our shelves. We look for quality, flavor, and great value. With so many labels out there, we like to think of our selection as special and hand selected so we can feel confident about every recommendation we make. If you do not see a favorite on our shelves, just ask! We will gladly seek out a wine for you and get you exactly what you are searching for.

Want to try new and exciting wines and receive a personalized experience? Ask about how you can become a member of our Meza Monthly Wine Club today!



Nine years ago, Tatjana Brown and her husband, Jason, decided to go for it and open Meza Wine Shop. They were the first wine shop in Uptown Westerville, and also, one of the first shops to get a liquor license.

Tatjana grew up with her Serbian parents homemaking all kinds of wines, on the east side of Cleveland.

Being fluent in Serbian, Tajana used her family's native language to land on a name for the shop.  A central component to Serbian culture is food and wine. “Meza” actually means “pre-meal,” like cheeses and small bites to eat.